The NHL is Coming to Utah! Be Part of the Action.
With the new Utah Hockey Club hitting the ice soon, we’re ready to dive deep into your brand to craft unique and effective sponsorship strategies. With 250 years of combined experience, our experts know how to turn sponsorships into championship-winning strategies that score big!


Build A Strategy That Resonates with Utah Hockey Club Fans

In the dynamic world of sports marketing, standing out requires more than just visibility; it demands strategic alignment and impactful execution.

At Marshall Advertising, we specialize in navigating the complexities of sports sponsorships, offering expertise and industry knowledge to secure the best deals for your brand. Our full range of partnership opportunities is tailored to meet your unique goals and budget, ensuring maximum impact and effectiveness for your sponsorship investment. 

Promoting directly with the team

Promoting on in-game telecasts

Why Partner with the Experts?

At Marshall Advertising, we understand sports sponsorships and can help you make informed decisions and maximize your investment. Our goal is to ensure your sponsorship achieves maximum impact and effectiveness.

We helped Amalie Motor Oil secure a 10-year naming rights deal for the Tampa Bay Lightning’s arena, Amalie Arena, putting their brand in the spotlight for millions of hockey fans.

Partner with us to experience the same level of success and brand elevation with the Utah Hockey Club. Rest assured, you don’t need a naming rights deal to have an effective sponsorship campaign or tie-in with the team.

To genuinely connect with these passionate audiences, it’s essential to speak their language, build trust, and be present in the moments that matter most. Make emotional connections to a rabid fan base, put your brand in front of Utah Hockey Club fans, and set yourself apart from your competitors.

That’s where our fan-first approach excels. We dive deep into understanding your target audience, crafting custom activation strategies that resonate personally and build trust. From tailored content to immersive experiences, we ensure your brand becomes an integral part of the fan journey.

In a positive and dynamic environment, expanding your market reach is not just about numbers—it’s about meaningful connections. Our comprehensive approach ensures your brand extends its influence effectively and authentically. We leverage the power of sports to tap into diverse and engaged audiences, amplifying your message across multiple channels.

With our strategic insights and innovative campaigns, we create opportunities for brand recognition in new ways. We can help you reach and resonate with the exciting Utah Hockey Club as they blaze their way into the hearts and minds of Utahns in ways that foster lasting loyalty and positive brand perception.

In the dynamic world of sports sponsorships, results are everything. We prioritize the key performance indicators that truly resonate with your brand. Our live reporting dashboard tracks every facet of your campaign’s performance, from broadcast reach to social media engagement. With our hands-on approach and continuous optimization, you can experience the tangible impact of your sports sponsorship.

Don't Take Our Word for It

We could continue sharing the results we’ve achieved, but we prefer to let our clients experiences speak for themselves:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, sports sponsorships are highly negotiable, and our team excels in negotiating agreements that are not only favorable but also strategically beneficial for your brand. We are dedicated to securing partnerships that align perfectly with your budget and strategic goals.

There are several types of sports sponsorships, each offering unique opportunities for brands to engage with fans and achieve their marketing goals:

  1. Team sponsorships: Partnering with a specific sports team, which may include jersey branding, stadium signage, or exclusive promotional rights.
  2. Event sponsorships: Supporting a specific sports event, such as a tournament, race, or championship, through on-site branding, fan experiences, and media exposure.
  3. Athlete endorsements: Collaborating with individual athletes to promote products, services, or brand messages through advertising, social media, or personal appearances.
  4. Venue or facility sponsorships: Securing naming rights or exclusive branding opportunities at a sports stadium, arena, or training facility.
  5. Media sponsorships: Partnering with sports broadcasters or digital platforms to reach fans through sponsored content, ad placements, or branded segments.

A wide range of companies can benefit from sports sponsorships, depending on their target audience and marketing objectives. Some examples include:

  1. Consumer brands: Companies selling products like food, beverages, clothing, or electronics can use sports sponsorships to increase brand awareness and loyalty among passionate fan bases.
  2. Financial services: Banks, insurance companies, and investment firms can leverage sports sponsorships to build trust and credibility with consumers, while also reaching high-value audiences.
  3. Automotive: Car manufacturers and dealerships can showcase their vehicles and engage with fans through event activations, athlete partnerships, and team sponsorships.
  4. Technology: Tech companies can demonstrate their innovative products and services through sports partnerships, while also reaching early adopters and influential consumers.
  5. Health and fitness: Brands in the health, wellness, and fitness industries can align with sports properties to promote active lifestyles and showcase their products or services to health-conscious audiences.

Ultimately, any company that seeks to connect with the passionate, engaged audiences that sports attract can benefit from well-executed sports sponsorship strategies.