Strategically Sliding into Second

Baseball season is officially upon us. Hallelujah! The “Boys of Summer” are finally back.

The optimism is at fever pitch. Everyone has a chance to win. All are perennial play-off contenders.

And then the season grinds on. 162 games. The ultimate survival of the fittest.

Yes, dark horses will emerge. Preseason favorites fade. Those few left standing grasp for World Series rings.

Does this seem similar to your business environment?

The New Year starts with strong confidence and forecasting…then as the year progresses, things start to go a bit askew. You can’t quite put your finger on why the marketing doesn’t seem to keep you in the game.

Step back from the plate. Take a hard look at what you are swinging at and why. Need to tweak that business strategy stance? Remember it’s all so fluid. Are you checking the signals?

Sometimes a marketing strategy becomes awkward. It’s like trying to slide into second with your proverbial foot still on first base.

Tweaking your marketing strategy doesn’t have to be difficult. Read the “signs” emanating from your company. The data can provide truth and direction. Ask these questions. Who is YOUR consumer? Where do they live – physically and virtually? What’s their lifestyle? When and how are you reaching them? Are you talking to them via the right channels?

Adapting to an ever changing environment is scary, yet a necessary thing. Baseball coaches understand that if the game plan remains stagnant, the results will too. One pitching change can spark a rally.

No worries sliding into second base! We can help analyze your marketing game plan, so it works harder and smarter for YOU. Whether it’s a mash-up of traditional and new media, contact us at Marshall Advertising for a free consultation. We work on custom strategies that keep you ahead of the game.

Keep Calm and Swing On!

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