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With over 20 years of experience in the competitive Entertainment & News Industry, we provide our clients with innovative strategies and always keep them informed of the evolving media landscape.

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Crafting Dynamic Strategies
for Maximum Impact

In today’s saturated media landscape, standing out demands a strategy as dynamic as the news cycle itself. We start with an in-depth analysis of your audience, blending demographics, psychographics, and viewing habits to tailor a media plan that spans traditional TV, streaming services, and digital platforms, ensuring your message resonates precisely where your audience is. Leveraging our extensive media relationships and advanced targeting, we secure prime ad placements efficiently, maximizing your budget for greater campaign impact. Our focus is on creating standout campaigns, from interactive digital ads to engaging sponsored content, designed to forge meaningful connections with viewers and cut through the 24/7 news cycle noise.

At Marshall Advertising, we understand the unique challenges you face. We’ve been partnering with media companies and local TV stations for over two decades, helping them cut through the clutter and deliver messages that resonate.

The Marshall Advantage:
News & TV Advertising Expertise

What makes Marshall the go-to partner for news and TV stations? It’s our combination of industry expertise, digital savvy, and strategic vision.

Unmatched Industry Knowledge

With over 20 years of experience working with news and TV clients, we have a deep understanding of the unique dynamics of this industry. We continually stay ahead of the latest trends and the evolving media landscape, applying this knowledge to every campaign we execute.

Digital Dominance

In a world where digital viewership is skyrocketing, we help news and TV stations stay ahead of the curve. As a top Google Partner and a preferred partner of platforms like Roku and Amazon Fire TV, we have the tools and the expertise to execute advanced digital campaigns that drive measurable results.

Strategic Storytelling

At Marshall, we believe that great advertising is all about storytelling. We take the time to understand your station's unique brand narrative and viewer value proposition. Then, we craft campaigns that bring that story to life across all touchpoints tailored to your audience, ranging from immersive social media activations to captivating multimedia content.
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Entertainment Advertising FAQs

Marshall Advertising offers unmatched industry knowledge, digital expertise, and strategic vision honed over two decades of working with news and TV clients. As a trusted partner, we help stations stay ahead of the curve and drive measurable results in today’s evolving media landscape.

Marshall Advertising is a firm believer that your agency should be your partner, not just a vendor. That means knowing your business and your industry. It means anticipating problems before they happen. And it means always having your company’s best interests at heart.

Marshall Advertising stays updated on cutting-edge tools, platforms, AI, and resources to effectively market your credit union’s message. This approach allows us to procure media directly from the source, eliminating intermediaries and maximizing your budget for media costs rather than additional platform and management fees.

Marshall Advertising works directly with your internal creative departments, creating smooth processes for creative element delivery. If you need access to a creative team, we partner with vetted and experienced creative teams which we will connect you with and help manage, if needed. 

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