Reach Your Audience with Impactful TV Advertising

In today’s evolving media landscape, connecting with consumers where they’re most receptive is crucial. TV advertising provides a unique chance to engage your audience at home, during their favorite shows. Our tailored research ensures precise targeting, delivering your message to the right eyes at the right time. With expertise at the local and national level, Marshall Advertising excels in strategic media planning and execution. We leverage our in-house capabilities to handle all media buying, ensuring seamless execution and optimal rates for your campaigns. 

Our TV Advertising Partners

Trust the Experts

When it comes to media planning and buying, experience is key. With over 25 years of expertise in navigating the complexities of TV advertising, our team of experts at Marshall Advertising ensures you always receive the best rates and unparalleled service. From initial planning to final execution, we’re committed to delivering exceptional results and helping your business succeed.

Elevate Your Business with TV Advertising

Although there are many ways for people to consume programming and content, TV advertising remains a highly effective marketing strategy in 2024. With the rise of streaming services and on-demand content, television still holds a significant place in consumers' lives. Our team understands the nuances of TV advertising, ensuring that your message stands out in the evolving media landscape.

Targeted Cable TV Advertising

Utilizing Cable TV provides the advantage of geographic targeting, and refining by gender, age and behavioral targeting, enabling you to reach precise audiences with specific interests, such as sports, food, home improvements, true crime - there are so many options! This ensures your message resonates with those most likely to engage with your brand. Additionally, Cable TV advertising offers a cost-effective alternative to national broadcast networks, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes, particularly local businesses seeking versatile and impactful promotion in a small geographic area.

National Broadcast TV Advertising

For brands with nationwide aspirations, national broadcast TV advertising provides unmatched reach and exposure. By airing your ads on popular networks across the country, you can cultivate widespread brand awareness and reach millions of potential customers. While national broadcast TV advertising may entail a higher investment, the potential return on investment (ROI) is substantial, especially for businesses seeking to expand their market presence and scale their operations.

Local Broadcast TV Advertising

For businesses aiming to foster connections within their local communities, local broadcast TV advertising offers unparalleled reach and impact. By targeting specific Designated Market Areas (DMAs), you can reach broad local audiences with tailored messages that address their unique needs and interests. Recognized for its versatility and impact, local broadcast TV advertising is an effective tool for promoting local businesses and engaging with regional audiences.


Advertising on streaming TV platforms (OTT/CTV) offers brands the opportunity to engage with highly targeted audiences across the nation, leveraging the precision and flexibility of digital with the impact of traditional TV. This medium allows for dynamic, data-driven campaigns that reach viewers on their favorite streaming services, ensuring that ads are more relevant, engaging, and effective, thus providing a cost-efficient pathway to boost brand visibility and engagement in the evolving media landscape.

Where Ideas Become Sales

At Marshall Advertising, we understand that effective advertising begins with innovative ideas. While we’re not a creative agency, we are creative and forward thinkers. We collaborate with trusted partners to bring creative concepts to life in commercials, leveraging our valued partnerships at both local and national levels. From planning to negotiation, buying to billing, our dedicated team handles every aspect of the process with precision and care, seamlessly integrating with your team to achieve outstanding results.

  • Negotiation and Buying: Our experienced media buyers negotiate to ensure you receive the best rates.
  • Precision Targeting: We identify and reach your ideal audience segments, enhancing ad relevance and engagement.
  • Performance Analysis: Our continuous monitoring and analytics ensure your campaign’s performance is aligned with your business objectives.
  • Reporting: We refine messaging and creative elements based on audience feedback and performance data to maximize ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let Us Help You Navigate Your TV Advertising Journey

Yes, recent studies show that consumers are still watching broadcast TV! The fragmentation from streaming services has seen some return to TV/cable viewing. Marshall Advertising always recommends including streaming/Connected TV (CTV) with client strategies.

Every client has different needs and we know how to meet them. The first step in working together would include a media analysis to determine a budget we are confident can meet your needs.

Though we are not a creative agency, we work with trusted partners to develop and execute creative needs.

Our expert media buyers ensure that schedules run as they are intended by closely watching daily delivery, utilizing media software, and subscribing to media monitoring services – just to name a few. Remember, you may not be the same demographic as your customer. If our targeting is working as it should, it might be a GOOD thing that you’re not seeing your ad. We will always provide clear, complete, and transparent reporting on the delivery of your commercials.