Mobile Billboard Advertising, Is It Worth It?

Often considered a type of guerilla marketing, mobile billboard advertising is a relatively new concept that involves putting the vinyl poster panels (sometimes it’s electronic panels) onto a moving vehicle (most often a truck) and driving a determined route. This is done to optimize attention to target markets and maximize exposure. Many metropolitan areas utilize this. If key demographics are in a certain area, especially an area with little ability for more traditional forms of advertising, a mobile billboard could capture the attention of these audiences. This and other unconventional methods of advertising are growing rapidly. They are usually bought by the week (this is the most common, it can go up to a 52-week contract) or even by the day. Rates will widely vary from company to company. MediaLease OOH provides typical dimensions to be 10’H x 22’W on 30’ long trucks. It is a widely accepted from of advertising; it’s available throughout the nation through multiple companies (which is why many would hesitate to continue to call it guerilla marketing). Is it effective? Is it worth it?

Many companies that advertise this service recommend it being used at specific times or events (which requires a lot of planning and early reservation), and also to be used in conjunction with other street advertising methods such as bus ads and bench ads. Is that a good idea though? Spend MORE money to make your initial investment more effective? Typically mobile advertising is used for big media events and big businesses to push a specific name or brand to people. Statistics back up the idea that mobile advertising (with proper planning), is one of the most effective forms of advertising to pedestrians. They stand out far more than a typical poster or billboard.

It’s shown to be more cost effective than typical print advertising and is still seen as a creative way to promote. In fact, in popular advertising many consider it to be the cheapest. What’s being left unsaid here is the opportunity it presents when there is a specific location or time that seems to capture a certain demographic. Is there a big conference or convention that brings together a large number of your target audience? A mobile billboard would work perfectly for that if planned properly. Add banners or posters in the general area and the business name goes from something a lot of people can see to being seen by the most important people to your business. This is something a typical billboard cannot offer.

Prices vary but never really go above $5,000. Typically you’ll find prices float around $2,500. Other advantages include a lack of competition: billboards fight amongst a cluttered view and a grey landscape, but a car dressed to promote a business is among people, and it’s being compared to more typical cars almost every time. No matter what, it will catch the eye. The problems seem to be obvious: this is a short term method that provides little actual information about the company beyond the graphic. All that will be available to the viewer is a glimpse. The truck is great at obtaining attention, but it can’t convince a person to just pick up a phone and call a number they barely saw. This is why companies recommend other advertising to boost this method. Ultimately, it’s a viable method but it requires careful planning.

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